LED blue light facial
LED Facials

LED Light therapy is a safe effective facial treatment that revitalises and repairs the skin. This revolutionary device is suitable for all skin types. Its benefits include smoother, brighter, healthier skin with a reduction in breakouts, ageing concerns, uneven skin-tone and an improvement in skin hydration and vitality.  The LED can be incorporated into many different treatments or used as a stand alone treatment.

Red - anti-ageing, brightening and hydrating

Blue - acne, rosacea and calming - great for oily skin

Yellow - boost circulation, brightens and improves lymphatic drainage

Green - helps reduce pigmentation and improves healing

LED Therapy    30 mins      £40         course of 10     £350

LED Facial includes cleanse, exfoliate, LED light therapy and application of serums to hydrate and calm.

LED add on    £15

LED can be combined with most facials enhancing the results.