The Advanced Skincare Programme

Skincare has always been a passion of mine alongside massage and complementary therapies.  On turning 40 I started to notice my skin dramatically changing, more pigmentation, more breakouts, more lines...I looked tired!

I turned to advanced skin care, which is back by clinical studies and science.  This research set me on a journey into medical grade products, treatments and skin nutrition.  I have always offered these but the intensity of my skin journey prompted me to create 'The Advanced Skincare Programme.'

What is it?

The Advanced Skincare Programme is an intense 3 - 6 month all inclusive treatment plan.  During your consultation a plan is created to target and transform your skin concerns with the intention to get you the skin your desire.  Your plan will include in-clinic treatments, home-care products and skin nutrition supplements...even a silk pillowcase to ensure you are using the best of the best.  I will become your personal therapist and you will become one of my priority clients.  As this plan is a commitment I only work with a select amount of clients this way.  Communication is so important between a skin specialist and you the client. Regular contact and in-clinic treatment mean I can keep an eye on the progress and any concerns and react with the treatment and or home-care you require.

How much is it?

£800 - £4000

This will depend on your skin concerns, your skin condition and the time you want to dedicate to your skin. We can keep it simple and focused or go for an all out skin transformation.


Results!  So you can feel confident and love the skin you are in.  Someone once ask me what I use on my skin, my reply was everything! I use every product, have every treatment and take every supplement I know will improve my skin. This is what The Advanced Skincare Programme allows you. I will be here for your skin and you.

My clients who are on my programmes love having their personal skin specialist on hand and I love being there for them.

For more information or to apply for a place on 'The Advanced Skincare Programme' contact me on 07968889963 or joanne@jsadvancedskincare.co.uk